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16 января 2018

OpenSCAD LESSION 2: Understanding operations (boolean, hull and minkowski)

Today we explore operations in OpenSCAD by taking a look at boolean operations, such as Difference, Union and Intersection, as well as at more complex operations, like Hull and Minkowski sum.

16 января 2018

OpenSCAD LESSON 1: Understanding the basics

In this lesson we would explore the very basics of OpenSCAD 3d modelling. You would learn about primitives, programs and movement.

16 января 2018

Learning Cura - the basic stuff

Today we would look at Cura - a friendly, but somewhat limited G-code generator. Note that we would be looking at version 15.04, it is the best version available, as the latest versions (2 and above) are overgoing a code renewal, and lack some features.

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