The project focuses on 3D processes. It is not just 3D news or enumeration of infinite printers, scanners and other fascinating gadgets.It is the so-called edge of technology or the place where talented people meet novices who seek knowledge and desire to create or hi-tech achievements meet random clever finds by local geniuses.

The project is the site where both experts and common users may find each other and share their knowledge and opportunities. Here, anyone from a child to a retiree may find new opportunities to demonstrate their skills and talents.


Creating new competitive sectors of real economy via implementation of 3D processes. Finding solutions to look at medicine, robotics and art from another standpoint.


We offer a new convenient site for learning advanced 3D processes and opportunities they provide.

3D4ALL.pro is the first community focusing on 3D processes where any user may, FREE OF CHARGE, communicate, learn, find a team, host a competition, keep a blog or offer its services.

We are talking about objectives and successes of domestic and foreign companies using 3D processes. We are creating projects together and finding ways to solve complicated but interesting problems. We are implementing 3D processes into all businesses.


Globally, new processes are developing and entering our lives at unbelievable speeds. It is today that each adult or kid must think about its place in this innovative but already existing world of machines, robots and unlimited information flows. Currently, much has been written about already running development programs in various countries: “Industry 4.0” (German economy development program), “Internet of Things”, and “Made in CHINA 2025”. They have much in common. However, the most important thing they have in common must be development of information processes. Their objective is acquisition and processing of data for further manufacture of individual products customized for a specific consumer. That is what it would look like. Consider some examples. After a preventive visit to a dentist where 3D scanning is performed (the procedure already available at many clinics currently), the data on condition of patients' mouth cavities goes to manufacturers of toothbrushes, toothpastes and other mouth cavity hygiene products. Toothbrushes and sets of hygiene products such as ones for strengthening tooth enamel are manufactured for customers subject to their specific features. The sets are mailed to the customers and in the near future, they would be delivered as files for 3D printers for customers to print by themselves everything they need. Consider another example. You visit a gym and measure your weight after each or several visits, and come to certain conclusions. Soon, you would also make 3D scans of your body (already possible now!) to obtain analyses of changes not only to your weight but also to any part of your body, and recommendation to alter your training program. There is more to this. A company where you prefer buying, for example, jeans (and which obtains such data upon your consent) would make new jeans for you subject to your new look in case it sees that the old jeans are large for you. You would receive your new clothes in an hour or print it on your own 3D or 4D printer.

It is already becoming a reality making it hard to say where the edge between the present and the future is.

What is our place in this world? How do we survive in the world of high technologies and rough competition? The answer is obvious. On the one hand, it is globalization and occupation of all information flows by major players. On the other hand, it is customization of all processes. It is customization that gives the answer to the question. It is customization that would create new jobs and new businesses. Consider the toothbrush example again. The toothbrush may be developed by software and manufactured by a well-known vendor but there always would be someone who wants something more beautiful, convenient or functional. Here goes your new job or may be a small business developing and designing toothbrushes. Undoubtedly, you would need to know basic of dentistry as well. Therefore, such new business would include a dentist, a designer and a structural engineer. Next, you would need to arrange manufacture and delivery. You may cooperate with a global manufacturer possessing certified or maybe even patented processes that you would be granted in exchange for something or you would arrange and have your manufacture process certified by yourself. Anyway, you would need additional experts, which we discuss later. Surely, when arranging such or a kind of a business, all participants must have knowledge of 3D processes.

Therefore, the first step into the new future is learning the basics of 3D. The knowledge is necessary for experts in any area from agriculture or medicine to rocketry or nanomaterials development. That is why, exactly, our project focuses on the first step into the world of 3D processes and 3D thinking. We would highly appreciate experts and professionals' participating in our project and helping anyone who wants to master new processes and find oneself.

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